The good and the bad of leather

Did you find the perfect leather purse to keep your belongings safe, yet you are considering the good and the bad of purchasing the bag? You do know it’s durable, but it’s made from animal skin… Moreover, it’s expensive but then again conserves its good look throughout the decades. In this article, we will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of leather products and is leather really worth buying?


Do you remember your grandmothers leather purse or those leather shoes of your grandfather? Next time you visit them, ask how old those leather items are. They might be even inherited from their parents! Leather is extremely durable and even if it broke down it is always repairable. Wouldn’t you want to own something that you know will stay classic and eventually pass it to your children?

Natural material

Leather is animal skin; thus, it will eventually decompose if it ends up in nature. Depending on the treating methods, it takes 25 to 40 years for leather to decompose. That does sound like a long time though, doesn’t it? Plastic bags, however, can take up to 1000 years to decompose! And you can enjoy the use of a bag made of plastic a lot shorter time than one made of leather.


Your genuine leather bag will get even cooler as it gets older! Although you would see 10 similar leather bags hanging in the store’s window, once the bag is yours each scratch and wrinkle will make it look more like you.

Ethical issues

We want to make sure that our leather is produced in a sustainable manner, where animals can have a happy life and are not killed solely for their skin. Their meat is further processed to food as well as the bones will be used for different utensils. Sure, it is a tough question to tackle, but you can keep in mind that once you buy a leather product, you won’t have to buy another in many years to come, which is not the case when using synthetic bags.


If you compare a leather bag and a synthetic bag you will notice a huge difference in the price. But should you buy both of those bags on the same day and used them equally as much you noticed that the leather bag is cheaper in the long run. How come? As it was said above, leather is extremely durable and can last for decades! You can’t say the same thing about your plastic bag. Thus, the cost per wear ratio is actually lower in leather bags than in plastic bags. So, go ahead, buy that expensive bag you’ve been dreaming of! It will be your best friend for a long long time.

How to check if the leather is real?

Genuine leather has a lot of similarities with human skin whereas synthetic leather is made of plastic. Although it might sound obvious to tell the difference, some synthetic leather producers have become very skilled in mimicking the texture of genuine leather. Firstly, you should check the pores and “pattern” on the leather. It should be imperfect and not have any regular patterns. Synthetic fabrics are produced by machines, so they usually have at least some kind of regularity in their patterns. Secondly, you should press into leather, seeing if it leaves any wrinkles. Synthetic materials just depress down under your finger, retaining shape and rigidity. You can also try scratching the material and then rubbing it of with your fingers. The oils that your fingers contain should make the scratch vanish, which is not the case with synthetic materials.

Fire test is a common option as well, but it should be used with caution. If you have received an additional piece of leather with the product you bought you can try it on that piece or otherwise on the small hard-to-see area. Hold a flame up to the area 5-10 seconds to test it out. Real leather will char slightly and smell like burnt hair whereas synthetic materials will catch flame and smell like burnt plastic.

Real leather absorbs water. You can try to drop a small amount of water on your leather item and should it not absorb the drops, it likely is a fake one. Another thing to keep in mind is that leather is rarely cheap. If you see a genuine leather bag on half of the price than usual, it hardly is a real one.

In conclusion, leather is not as bad as you might first think. It is eco-friendly in many ways as it decomposes and is very durable. You can buy one leather bag and enjoy it for many years! And on top of it: leather never goes out of fashion! We like to use leather in our products because we think it just feels so luxurious and it always looks good on you.

You deserve all the good in your way to go on and make your leather dream come true!