6 Tips for Leather Care

The leather that we use to make our products is called "Crazy Horse". It has matt look and amazing to the touch, and requires special care:

  1. Try not to wash with water, but wipe with a soft cloth.
  2. The Natural leather has a property in the first month to dye clothes (on hangers) in order to avoid this, we recommend that the product be treated with a Tarrago Color Stop. This fixer is suitable for both accessories and footwear.
  3. Do not use wet wipes to remove scratches. They include alcohol, which can damage the surface of the product.
  4. Do not use a dryer or any other heat source to dry the product, this can damage the appearance of the leather.
  5. Sometimes treat with appropriate impregnations or waxes with a high content of natural fat - this will give the leather a shine and moisturizing, relieve the drying, which over time can make the leather unstable to scratches and in the future they will be difficult to remove. We recommend using “Fiebing's Leather Balm” leather care balm, it is suitable only for smooth skin.
  6. Avoid mechanical damage.

Following simple tips for the care of accessories, you can keep the attractiveness of products for a long time.