Wooden Rings

At Cantoneri, we’re passionate about offering 12 months warranty for all wooden ring purchases from our range.

We’ve painstakingly perfected the art of crafting quality wooden rings and go above and beyond to ensure your Cantoneri wooden ring is designed to stand the test of time. All wooden rings are protected with at least 10 coats of hard wearing lacquer to ensure the highest level of strength for your jewellery.

We care about your handcrafted ring and ensure that we create jewellery that is strong and durable so you can enjoy your wooden ring for many years to come.

If your ring is damaged in the first 12 months after purchase, please return the ring to us and we will inspect the product and should it meet our warranty criteria, we will replace or refund the ring.

We do ask our community to be aware that wood is a natural material that can hide many flaws and imperfections and while we are extremely careful which wood we use, there are times when imperfections occur that can hinder the quality of the materials.

Should your ring break in the 12 months following the purchase of your ring we will happily replace your item as our warranty covers breakage. Note should the damage to your ring be due to water or moisture damage we cannot cover this under warranty.


Leather Goods

Our team is proud to offer a 12 months manufacturers warranty for all of our leather goods in the Cantoneri range.

If your item has manufacturing defects or workmanship issues our warranty covers the material for the first 12 months of the life of the product from the date of purchase.

Please be aware this warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, neglect, accidents, wear and tear, transit damage or abrasion and only workmanship and defects are covered in our leather goods warranty.

The Cantoneri leather goods warranty covers items purchased in our online store only, not in retail stores – should you wish to discuss a warranty claim for an in-store purchase, please contact your store of purchase directly.

To find out more information about our returns or refund policy or to contact us directly, please use our Contact us form.