Bifold Men's Leather Wallet

SKU: UD045
A simple and beautiful men’s handmade leather wallet. It consists of 8 compartments for credit cards, a pocket for coins with a zip lock and 2 compartments for bills. Our wallet works great as an everyday wallet as well as travel wallet. It keeps your money and coins safe in dedicated compartments.

Forget money clip wallets and card wallets. You deserve a wallet as unique as you are. Our genuine leather wallets are designed to last for decades and are very practical in everyday use.

Our wallet might not be as slim as credit card holder wallets, but it makes up for it in durability and design.

19х10 cm. / 7,5x3,9 inch
Handmade leather wallet on the table with a book
Premium handmade leather wallet held in hands
Genuine handmade designer wallet for men
Opened designer wallet for men made of leather with coin and bill compartments
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